Authorities are investigating after a Porsche fell off the rooftop deck of a BJ's parking garage in the Bronx. The car landed 20 feet below, bringing down part of the wall but leaving no one injured. The Department of Buildings found no instability in the structure.

Empty porsche without owner flew off Bronx parking garage

As NBC reported, a car plunged off the rooftop deck of a BJ's parking garage in the Bronx on Sunday. The incident, which occurred around 11:40 a.m., has prompted a review by the Department of Buildings as police search for the car's owner.

The vehicle, identified as a pricey Porsche, fell 20 feet from the garage on West 235th Street, landing upside down in an empty area. The crash brought down a section of the parking deck wall, but fortunately, no one was inside the car or at the scene when it fell. The wreckage included wads of cash and a cell phone found on top of the overturned car.

Officials from the Department of Buildings responded and conducted an investigation, determining that there was no evidence of instability in the parking deck or the commercial building. However, a partial vacate order was issued for the area around the southeast corner of the parking deck where the side wall was damaged.

The city has instructed property owners to erect barriers around the damaged area to cordon it off from the rest of the parking deck. They were also asked to commission a structural engineering report for review.

As the investigation continues, the police are looking into how the car ended up flying off the deck and whether anyone was inside at the time. For now, the scene remains under scrutiny, with safety measures being implemented to prevent further incidents.