DUI Driver Crashes into park on Manhattan leaving 3 dead

3 Dead After Suspected DUI Driver Crashed into July 4 Crowd

A DUI driver crashed into a park on Manhattan's Lower East Side during Fourth of July celebrations, killing three and injuring several others. Daniel Hyden, 44, faces multiple charges including vehicular homicide. There is an ongoing investigation by the NYPD.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJul 8, 2024
DWI Driver Crashes into nail salon and leaves people injuredTop

Many People Dead After DWI Car Crashes into Nail Salon

On June 28th a tragic incident unfolded in Deer Park, Long Island, when a minivan crashed through Hawaii Nail & Spa, resulting in four fatalities and nine injuries. Emergency responders faced a harrowing scene as they worked to rescue trapped individuals. The driver, also injured, has been charged with DWI.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJul 2, 2024
Justin Timberlake Refuse to breathalyzer after DWI arrest

Justin Timberlake Gets Arrested for DWI in The Hamptons

Justin Timberlake, was arrested on June 18 for suspected DUI after running a stop sign and veering out of his lane. Police noted signs of intoxication, and Timberlake failed sobriety tests. He refused a chemical test multiple times. After being held overnight, he was arraigned and released without bail.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 21, 2024
New York City's Vision Zero: Safer Streets for Everybody

New York City's Vision Zero: Striving for Safer Streets

New York City's Vision Zero Initiative aims to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries through infrastructure improvements, stricter enforcement of traffic laws, and public education campaigns. The initiative has led to significant reductions in traffic-related deaths and injuries, making the city's streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 20, 2024
Empty porsche without owner flew off Bronx parking garage

Porsche Without Driver Fell Off Parking Garage Roof

Authorities are investigating after a Porsche fell off the rooftop deck of a BJ's parking garage in the Bronx. The car landed 20 feet below, bringing down part of the wall but leaving no one injured. The Department of Buildings found no instability in the structure.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 20, 2024
How to Navigate Manhattan Streets after a car accident

Manhattan Car Accidents: Navigating Busy Streets with Ease

Essential tips for managing car accidents in Manhattan's busy streets. From immediate steps after an accident to navigating congestion and finding parking, it provides practical guidance for dealing with unique challenges like limited parking and heavy traffic. These tips can help individuals effectively handle the aftermath of a car accident.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 19, 2024
Main Causes of NYC Car Accidents | Distracted Driving

Main Causes of Car Accidents in NY - Insights from 2023 Data

This article provides a detailed analysis of the leading causes of car accidents in New York, highlighting key issues such as distracted driving, speeding, weather conditions, and poor infrastructure. It aims to enhance public understanding and promote safety measures to reduce the frequency and severity of these incidents in one of America's busiest urban environments.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 18, 2024
MLB coach Mike Brumley Killed In Mississippi Car CrashTop

Former MLB Coach Mike Brumley Dies In Car Crash at Age of 61

Former MLB player and coach Mike Brumley, 61, died in a car crash on Saturday June 15th’s night in Mississippi. Brumley, who played for six MLB teams from 1987 to 1995, later became a coach and instructor, most recently with the Atlanta Braves.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 17, 2024
Old Man Gets Fatally Struck by DOT Truck in Bay Ridge

86-Year-Old Brooklyn Grandpa Gets Decapitated by DOT Truck

On June 12th, an 86-year-old man was killed in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, when a Department of Transportation truck struck him at the intersection of 92nd Street and Dahlgren Place on Wednesday afternoon. The driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 14, 2024
Dr. Shiau on Spine Health & Recovery After Car Accidents

Meet Dr. Shiau - Delving into Comprehensive Spinal Care

In the field of medical advancements, spine health and surgery have seen remarkable progress. Dr. John Shiau, a Board-Certified Neurosurgeon at Complete Medical Wellness in New York, shares insights into innovative spine surgery techniques and essential post-operative care.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 13, 2024
Driver and passenger ejected after BMW SUV crash in Bronx

BMW SUV Crash Into Parked Cars and Injures Two in the Bronx

On June 9th a BMW SUV lost control on Webster Avenue in Bedford Park, crashing into parked cars and ejecting the driver and passenger. Both were critically injured and taken to St. Barnabas Hospital.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 11, 2024
Explaining Essentials New York City’s Traffic Laws

Understanding NYC Traffic Laws: Your Guide to Safe Driving

This comprehensive guide unravels the complexities of NYC traffic laws, offering essential insights for drivers to navigate the city's streets safely and legally. From understanding common traffic signs to prioritizing pedestrian safety and navigating parking regulations, this article equips readers with the knowledge needed to navigate NYC's roads with confidence and compliance.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 7, 2024
Car Accident Arbitration vs Mediation in New York City

Resolving Car Accidents: Mediation vs. Arbitration

Getting into a car accident is stressful enough without the added worry of a lengthy legal battle. That's where alternative dispute resolution (ADR) comes in. ADR offers ways to resolve disputes without going to court, and it’s especially useful in car accident cases. In this article, we will focus on two methods: mediation vs arbitration.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 7, 2024
3D Scanning Technology in Car Accident Reconstruction

3D Scanning Technology in Car Accident Investigations in NYC

Advanced 3D technology helps police understand car accidents in New York City. It uses special cameras and lasers to make detailed models of crash sites. Police can then study these models to see how the accidents happened. This helps them figure out who is responsible for the accidents. These models are important evidence for court cases and insurance claims. They help everyone involved understand what happened during the accidents.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 6, 2024
Scooter crashes SUV and kills 15-year-old in the bronx

The Bronx Fatal Scooter Crash Leaves 15-year-old Girl Dead

On May 28th a tragic accident in the Bronx's University Heights left a 15-year-old girl dead and a 19-year-old man critically injured when their scooter collided with an SUV. The driver of the Honda Pilot SUV stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the police.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánJun 6, 2024