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Woman with her Child Was Hit by a School Bus in OceansideTop News

Woman with her Child Was Hit by a School Bus in Oceanside

On Monday afternoon, November 13, around 2:30-3 p.m., in Oceanside, Long Island, a 45-year-old woman was hospitalized after being struck by a mini-school bus while crossing Long Beach Road with her child in a stroller. The woman suffered leg injuries and a head cut, and the child was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Mike Newman
By Mike NewmanNov 16, 2023

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Mike Newman
By Mike NewmanSep 22, 2023
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Ridesharing Accidents: Who's Liable When Using Uber or Lyft?

As ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft become staples in New York City's transportation landscape, they also introduce unique car accident complexities. When navigating car accidents involving rideshares, understanding driver liability, corporate policies, and individual passenger rights is paramount. With NYC's bustling streets as a backdrop, the need for trustworthy car accident information and expert-driven guidance is crucial. From legalities to recovery, the city's car accident community, backed by professionals, provides essential resources to ensure transparency, empowerment, and well-being for all involved.

Sarah Henderson
By Sarah HendersonNov 17, 2023
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Hit-and-Runs: Steps to Take When the Responsible Party Flees

In the bustling landscape of New York City, hit-and-run incidents unfortunately occur, leaving victims in dire need of expert guidance. This article delves into the complexities of seeking legal redress when the culprit remains unidentified, highlighting the significance of specialized car accident attorneys and support from the New York car accident community.

Joanna Litherman
By Joanna LithermanNov 12, 2023
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Why Dash Cams Are Becoming a Driver's Best Friend

Dash cams have swiftly transitioned from mere gadgets to vital tools for New York City's drivers. These devices offer an unbiased record of events, aiding in accident disputes, deterring aggressive driving, simplifying insurance claims, and promoting safer driving habits. As NYC's roads buzz with activity, dash cams stand as silent guardians, promoting transparency, responsibility, and a heightened sense of safety.

Maya Kim
By Maya KimNov 7, 2023
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The Role of Expert Witnesses in Car Accident Cases

In New York's complex legal landscape of car accident litigations, expert witnesses stand out as integral components. They offer specialized knowledge, ensuring technical details are easily understood. From accident reconstruction to medical assessments, they provide unbiased, evidence-based perspectives, crucial for just outcomes. This guide delves deep into their significance, the various types, and the challenges faced in relying on their testimonies.

Maya Kim
By Maya KimOct 29, 2023
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Choosing the Right Car Accident Attorney for Your Case

In the vast landscape of New York City, car accidents can introduce victims to an overwhelming legal maze. This guide delineates key considerations for residents, offering insights into the unique legal nuances of NYC and emphasizing the importance of factors like experience, reputation, transparency, and accessibility in choosing the right attorney.

Joanna Litherman
By Joanna LithermanOct 27, 2023
da242ce7-56f2-4527-af1a-9a605c964635-Vehicle Safety Features.jpg

Common Car Accident Injuries and Their Treatment in NY City

Car accidents result in various injuries, both physical and mental. This guide elucidates the common injuries stemming from such incidents, from soft tissue damage to traumatic brain injuries. Dive deep into each type's treatment and the importance of post-accident care, recognizing the psychological impact, the role of caregivers, and preventive measures to minimize injury risks.

Joanna Litherman
By Joanna LithermanOct 25, 2023
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