The Full NYC Car Accident Picture: Incidents, Insurances, and Innovations

Car accident news is only a fragment of the story. In NYC's fast-paced environment, staying updated on the regulations surrounding these incidents and the evolving insurance details is paramount. Here, we deliver continuous updates, offering a thorough snapshot of the city's latest developments and aspects concerning car accidents.

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Fatal Hit-and-Run: Man Ejected from Car in Queens Highway Crash

A tragic hit-and-run collision on the Queens highway claimed 43-year-old David Berney's life. Ejected from his car after colliding with a white Mercedes SUV. The driver of the SUV heartlessly fled the scene, leaving Berney behind to succumb to his injuries. As the community mourns, authorities have initiated a search for the driver of the Mercedes SUV, to bring justice to Berney's grieving family and ensure accountability for this heart-wrenching tragedy.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánFeb 22, 2024
Fatal Hit-and-Run, Family Seeks Justice Against Teen Driver

Tragic Hit-and-Run: Family Seeks Justice Against Teen Driver

A Fatal crash in Teaneck, New Jersey, has deeply affected the community, seeking justice from the grieving family of the victim, Dymond Fryson. Isaiah Brown, Fryson’s partner, and his family are struggling with the aftermath of the devastating hit-and-run accident that claimed Fryson's life just steps away from their home. Despite their shock and sorrow, Brown remains committed to providing stability for his family while advocating for accountability for the 17-year-old driver responsible.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánFeb 22, 2024
Fired NYPD Officer's DWI Has Lead to Young Man’s Death

Long Island DWI Crash: Man's Death Involves Fired NYPD Officer

Pablo Rivera Jr.'s life was tragically cut short during a joyride in a high-performance car driven by former NYPD cop Aaron Cooper. The crash occurred in Valley Stream, Long Island, with Cooper charged with manslaughter due to drunk driving. Rivera, known as "PJ," had been enjoying a night out with friends and expressed interest in a ride in Cooper's car. The collision, caused by Cooper's speeding and intoxication, left Rivera dead at the scene.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánFeb 20, 2024
Brooklyn Chain-Reaction Crash: Man Claims Teen's Life

Man Arrested After Fatal Brooklyn Crash Claims Teen's Life

Authorities in Brooklyn took a man into custody on charges of driving without a license following his purported involvement in a tragic chain reaction collision that resulted in the death of a 14-year-old pedestrian. The distressing incident unfolded in the Canarsie neighborhood, where the man's vehicle collided with another car before tragically striking the teenager. The victim, identified as Christian Antoine, succumbed to his injuries at a nearby medical facility.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánFeb 20, 2024
Car Crash Kills 1, Injures 1 on Interstate 84 in Newburgh

Fatal Single-Car Crash Kills 1, Injures 1 on I-84 in Newburgh

A tragic single-car crash took place past Tuesday 20th on Interstate 84 in Newburgh, resulting in one death and one serious injury. The accident involved a Nissan Rogue which, according to a preliminary investigation, struck a guide rail and flipped into the center median near Exit 39. The driver of the crash was pronounced dead at the scene, while one passenger was hospitalized in serious condition. The New York State Police are continuing the investigations.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánFeb 20, 2024
Tragic Crash on Cross Bronx Expressway Takes Man’s Life

Long Island Man Dies in Fatal Collision With Tractor-Trailer

Fatal collision involving 38-year-old Richard Edwards on the Cross Bronx Expressway near Jerome Avenue. Edwards crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer in the eastbound lanes just before 2 a.m. He was pronounced dead at St. Barnabas Hospital. The truck driver remained at the scene. Traffic delays ensued as authorities investigated the incident. No arrests were made in connection with the crash. No arrests were made in connection with the crash.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánFeb 20, 2024
Fatal Collision of Stolen Car Leaves 2 Dead in Lockport

Fatal Crash of Stolen Car Leaves 2 Dead After Hitting a Tree

In Lockport, a pursuit of a stolen vehicle tragically ended with a fatal crash, claiming the lives of Michael L. Walker and Ana G. Cerrato from Rochester. Law enforcement attempted to intercept the stolen car, which failed to yield, leading to a high-speed chase through the city. Despite efforts to ensure public safety, the pursuit ended in disaster when the stolen vehicle lost control and collided with a tree. The incident prompted the closure of Route 31 for several hours.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánFeb 18, 2024
Foremost Group's Visionary Leader and Maritime PioneerTop News

Tragic Loss in the Maritime Sector: Foremost Group Mourns the Passing of CEO Angela Chao

Angela Chao, the Chair and CEO of the Foremost Group, tragically passed away in a car accident in Woodbridge, New Jersey. An accomplished leader in the shipping industry and a Harvard alumna, Angela was known for her visionary leadership and commitment to sustainability and philanthropy. Her legacy includes significant contributions to the maritime sector, education, and the arts.

Maya Kim
By Maya KimFeb 16, 2024
School Bus with Students Collisions on icy Frost Mill Road

7 Students Injured After School Bus Hits Tree on Frosty Road

An unforeseen school bus accident unfolded on Frost Mill Road in Mill Neck, involving students headed to Mill Neck School for the Deaf. The bus, carrying nine individuals, skidded on icy terrain and collided with a tree. Emergency services swiftly responded, ensuring the safety of all passengers, who were transported to the hospital for precautionary evaluation and treatment of minor injuries. Investigations concluded the incident was accidental.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánFeb 15, 2024
Car Crash Causes Morning Traffic DelaysTop News

Route 9 Woodbridge NJ: Car Crash Causes Morning Traffic Delays

A car crashed into a utility pole on Route 9 in Woodbridge, New Jersey, causing a fire and significant traffic delays. Emergency services responded promptly, but details on injuries remain unclear. The road has since reopened, easing the early morning commute disruptions.

Mike Newman
By Mike NewmanFeb 8, 2024
3 Elderly Killed in Collision With School Bus in New Jersey

3 Elderly Killed in Collision With School Bus in New Jersey

A fatal crash occurred at the intersection of Route 130 and Stults Road. A Toyota Camry collided with a school bus, leaving 3 elderly people dead at the scene. The school bus driver sustained minor injuries, while two students were unharmed.

Alessandra Farfán
By Alessandra FarfánFeb 3, 2024
Police Used 3D Scanning for Bridge Crash Investigation

Police Employ 3D-Scanning Tech to Investigate Niagara Falls Bridge Crash

Niagara Falls police use 3D scanning for in-depth analysis of the Rainbow Bridge crash involving a 2022 Flying Spur Bentley. The incident prompted border crossing closures, but the FBI ruled out terrorism. Now treated as a 'traffic investigation,' the police aim to leverage 3D scanning to explore potential malfunctions in the luxury car. The car's Event Data Recorder, similar to an aircraft's black box, holds essential information about the vehicle's operation.

Sarah Henderson
By Sarah HendersonDec 1, 2023
Midtown Manhattan Incident: Stolen Vehicle Sparks Chaos

Manhattan Mayhem Unleashed: Stolen Car Escapade Ends in Dramatic Chaos

A startling incident unfolded in Midtown Manhattan on Sunday, November 26, involving the theft of a vehicle and a subsequent crash, creating chaos in the heart of the city. The events began when a 69-year-old car owner briefly left his unlocked and running vehicle on 55th Street. Seizing the opportunity, 37-year-old Terrence Brooks took control of the car, sparking a chain of events.

Maya Kim
By Maya KimNov 27, 2023
Peculiar Crash in Washington Heights: Nissan Rogue Lodges in Subway Station Entrance

Peculiar Crash in Washington Heights: Nissan Rogue Lodges in Subway Station Entrance

On November 25, Friday morning, a peculiar accident unfolded in Washington Heights, Manhattan, when a black Nissan Rogue SUV, driven by 25-year-old Miguel Delacruz-Martinez, lost control, jumped the curb, and ended up lodged in the entrance of the 1 train subway station. Despite the surreal nature of the crash, no injuries were reported.

Sarah Henderson
By Sarah HendersonNov 26, 2023
NY Attorneys Cohen Killed in Thanksgiving Car Crash

Thanksgiving Tragedy: Beloved Scarsdale Attorneys Toby and Brooke Cohen Remembered

The tight-knit Tri-State Area mourns the devastating loss of Toby and Brooke Cohen, esteemed attorneys and parents of three, in a Thanksgiving car crash on Thursday, November 24. The couple's car swerved off the road in Bristol, Connecticut, resulting in their tragic deaths and critical injuries to their children.

Joanna Litherman
By Joanna LithermanNov 25, 2023