On May 19th a 23-year-old man was struck and killed by an NYPD patrol vehicle on the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens early Sunday morning. The incident happened around 4:30 a.m. while the police vehicle was responding to a 911 call.

NYPD Patrol Car Kills Pedestrian on Van Wyck Expressway

On the morning of Sunday May 19th, a 23-year-old man was fatally struck by an NYPD patrol vehicle on the Van Wyck Expressway near Liberty Avenue in South Ozone Park, Queens. 

According to police, the incident occurred around 4:30 a.m. while the patrol vehicle was en route to respond to another emergency call.

As NBC has reported, the pedestrian was attempting to cross the southbound lanes of the expressway when he was hit by the police vehicle. Despite being rushed to Jamaica Hospital, he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival. The NYPD has not yet released the name of the deceased.

The officer driving the patrol vehicle remained at the scene following the accident. Later, the officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. 

The specific details of how the pedestrian came to be on the expressway remain unclear, and an investigation is currently underway. Authorities are reviewing available video footage to piece together the events that led to this tragic collision.

The NYPD has stated that the investigation is ongoing as they seek to understand all the factors involved in this fatal incident. 

This tragedy highlights the dangers pedestrians face when crossing major highways and the critical need for caution and safety, both for those on foot and behind the wheel.