On Monday afternoon, November 13, around 2:30-3 p.m., in Oceanside, Long Island, a 45-year-old woman was hospitalized after being struck by a mini-school bus while crossing Long Beach Road with her child in a stroller. The woman suffered leg injuries and a head cut, and the child was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Woman with her Child Was Hit by a School Bus in Oceanside

On November 13, an unfortunate incident unfolded in Oceanside, Long Island, involving a school bus and a pedestrian, as reported by WNBC. The incident occurred in the vicinity of Long Beach Road and Davison Avenue on Monday afternoon, prompting a swift response from police and first responders.

According to Nassau County Police, the accident involved a 45-year-old woman who was crossing Long Beach Road at the intersection with her toddler in a stroller around 2:30 p.m. At that moment, a mini-school bus, making a left turn, struck the pedestrian, leaving her trapped underneath the bus.

In response to the distress call, Nassau County Emergency Services crews and Oceanside firefighters utilized specialized equipment, including a five-ton floor jack and high-pressure airbags, to extricate the woman from beneath the bus. The woman sustained injuries to her legs and a cut to her head. She was promptly transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention, with an optimistic prognosis for her recovery.

Remarkably, the child in the stroller appeared to be unharmed, but as a precautionary measure, authorities decided to transport the child to the hospital for evaluation. Subsequently, the child was reunited with a family member.

The 71-year-old driver of the mini-school bus remained at the scene, cooperating with authorities. Presently, it is not anticipated that charges will be filed against the driver. However, an ongoing investigation is underway to comprehensively examine the circumstances surrounding the incident.

This incident underscores the importance of road safety, especially in areas frequented by pedestrians. Local authorities are working diligently to ascertain the details of the accident, and further updates will be provided as the investigation progresses. We extend our thoughts and best wishes to those affected by this unfortunate event. For more information on recent accidents in New York, visit our car accident news blog.