An unforeseen school bus accident unfolded on Frost Mill Road in Mill Neck, involving students headed to Mill Neck School for the Deaf. The bus, carrying nine individuals, skidded on icy terrain and collided with a tree. Emergency services swiftly responded, ensuring the safety of all passengers, who were transported to the hospital for precautionary evaluation and treatment of minor injuries. Investigations concluded the incident was accidental.

School Bus with Students Collisions on icy Frost Mill Road

On the morning of February 15th, around 8:20 am, an unexpected event occurred along Frost Mill Road in Mill Neck. A routine trip to Mill Neck School for the Deaf took an unexpected turn when a school bus encountered an icy patch, resulting in a collision with a nearby tree. Prompt action was taken to address the situation and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

As the school bus made its way along Frost Mill Road, carrying nine individuals including the driver, an aide, and seven students aged 7 to 19, it encountered a patch of ice. The slippery surface caused the bus to skid, ultimately leading to a collision with a tree, prompting concerns for the passengers’ safety.

As Nassau has reported concerning the incident, precautionary measures were taken to assess the well-being of the passengers. Emergency services responded promptly, prioritizing the safety of the children. According to Brookville Police Supervisor Frank Discala, the children were transported to the hospital for precautionary evaluation and treatment of minor injuries. Fortunately, neither the driver nor the aide sustained any injuries.

Subsequent investigations determined that the accident was purely accidental, with no indication of negligence on the part of the school bus. Therefore, no ticket was written. Despite the absence of serious injuries, the incident serves as a reminder of the challenges posed by winter weather conditions and the importance of caution when navigating such environments.

The incident highlights the need for vigilance and preparedness, especially when traveling in adverse weather conditions. It also underscores the importance of swift response and community support in ensuring the safety of all individuals involved. As the community reflects on the events of that morning, it reaffirms the resilience and unity of the Mill Neck community in the face of unexpected challenges.