On Tuesday, May 7th, four police officers were injured in a collision with a tractor trailer at West 57th Street and 8th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The crash occurred around 5:30 a.m., and the officers were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. The cause is under investigation.

Midtown Manhattan Crash Injures Four NYPD Officers

On Tuesday May 7th a serious accident occurred in Midtown Manhattan involving a police cruiser and a tractor trailer. The crash happened around 5:30 a.m. at the intersection of West 57th Street and 8th Avenue. 

The police vehicle, heavily damaged at the front, collided head-on with the truck, causing significant disruption in the area.

Authorities quickly responded to the scene, temporarily closing 57th Street between 8th Avenue and Broadway to clear the debris and manage the situation. 

As ABC 7 News have reported, the four police officers inside the cruiser sustained minor injuries. They were promptly taken to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment. The status of the truck driver remains unknown.

Witnesses reported seeing the damaged police vehicle in the bus lane, indicating the severity of the collision. At this point, it is unclear who was at fault or whether the officers were responding to an emergency call at the time of the crash.

As investigations continue, more details will likely emerge regarding the circumstances leading up to the collision. The Midtown community, meanwhile, grapples with the aftermath of this unsettling event, hoping for a swift recovery for the injured officers and clearer insights into the causes of the crash.