A startling incident unfolded in Midtown Manhattan on Sunday, November 26, involving the theft of a vehicle and a subsequent crash, creating chaos in the heart of the city. The events began when a 69-year-old car owner briefly left his unlocked and running vehicle on 55th Street. Seizing the opportunity, 37-year-old Terrence Brooks took control of the car, sparking a chain of events.

Midtown Manhattan Incident: Stolen Vehicle Sparks Chaos

A dramatic scene unfolded in Midtown Manhattan on Monday morning, as chaos erupted following the theft of a vehicle and a subsequent crash, creating a spectacle for onlookers.

Aa reported by ABC7NY The incident began on Sunday, November 26, around 11 a.m. when a 69-year-old individual briefly left his car running and unlocked on 55th Street, near Broadway. Seizing this opportunity, 37-year-old Terrence Brooks approached the vehicle, startling the car owner by opening the rear door. Faced with this unexpected situation, the owner quickly vacated the vehicle.

Taking advantage of the moment, Brooks swiftly assumed the driver’s seat of the unattended vehicle and sped off. However, his escape was short-lived. Brooks collided with a taxi and another car after running through a red light, as per police reports.

After the crash, Brooks engaged briefly with the police before attempting to flee the scene on foot. In a desperate bid to evade capture, he even climbed onto a moving car. Despite his efforts, law enforcement eventually apprehended Brooks.

Now facing charges of grand larceny auto and reckless endangerment, Brooks's escapade in the heart of Manhattan has come to an end, concluding a tumultuous chain of events.