On May 9th in Bushwick, Brooklyn, tragedy struck as a 71-year-old woman lost her life and her 44-year-old daughter was critically injured after being hit by a vehicle while crossing Eldert Street and Knickerbocker Avenue. The driver, described as a young man, fled the scene.

Hit-and-run in Bushwick leaves one dead and one injured

On May 9th in Bushwick, Brooklyn a tragic hit-and-run accident left one woman dead and another critically injured after they were struck by a vehicle while crossing the intersection of Eldert Street and Knickerbocker Avenue.

Eyewitness News described the tragic scene as a blue Mazda, pursued by police, raced through the intersection, hitting the two women before crashing. 

The victims, a 71-year-old mother and her 44-year-old daughter, were crossing together when the accident occurred. Despite swift medical help, the elder woman passed away at Wycoff Hospital, while her daughter remains in critical condition at Elmhurst Hospital.

The driver, described as a young man in a blue shirt and jeans with a ponytail, fled the scene on foot, leaving behind devastation. Police are searching for the driver, but no arrests have been made.

The incident has stunned the community, with neighbors expressing grief and disbelief at the senseless tragedy. The NYPD's Collision Investigation Squad is leading the inquiry, seeking justice for the victims and their families amid the heartbreak.

Surveillance footage captured the chaotic moments as the SUV sped through the intersection, narrowly avoiding a red car before hitting the pedestrians. Witnesses recounted the driver's reckless actions, noting his attempts to evade police and flee.

The collision's impact prompted calls for increased safety measures at the intersection to prevent similar incidents. Community members gathered to support the victims' families and honor the deceased.

Authorities urge anyone with information about the hit-and-run driver to come forward, emphasizing the importance of accountability. Despite the pain, the community remains united in seeking justice for the victims and their loved ones.