On Tuesday, April 23rd, a road rage incident in Queens led to a violent clash in Manhattan. Shaker Ahmad allegedly stabbed Antal Lakatos, resulting in serious injuries. Both drivers behaved aggressively and faced charges. Lakatos is stable in the hospital.

Queens  road rage ends with stabbing on the Upper East Side

A road rage in Queens escalated into a violent clash spanning 17 miles across Manhattan, New York. Shaker Ahmad, the driver of a yellow pickup truck, stabbed Antal Lakatos, the driver of a black Mercedes sedan on the Upper East Side. Ahmad faces charges of attempted murder, assault, and weapon possession.

As reported by ABC7, the confrontation took place on Tuesday, April 23rd around 7 p.m. The crash involved two vehicles, a yellow truck and a black sedan Mercedes. Both drivers engaged in aggressive maneuvers as they headed towards Manhattan.

The tension between them resulted in a collision near East 62nd Street and Lexington Avenue. 38-year-old Shaker Ahmad allegedly stabbed the driver of a black sedan, 28-year-old Antal Lakatos.

Eyewitnesses described the chaotic scene. One witness recounted how the altercation unfolded in front of a business they were inside. The assailant allegedly stabbed the victim multiple times, causing severe injuries to his face and neck. Another witness captured footage of one driver yelling at police while the other sat on a curb with a significant wound on his calf.

Law enforcement apprehended both suspects. Shaker Ahmad faces charges of assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and attempted murder. Antal Lakatos faces charges of assault.

Notably, both suspects have previous arrests. Shaker Ahmad has committed violent crimes like attempted murder and robbery. Authorities have charged Lakatos with car theft.

The victim, Antal Lakatos, is in a nearby hospital and reported in stable condition. The investigation into the violent fight in Manhattan is ongoing as authorities try to determine what happened.