The tight-knit Tri-State Area mourns the devastating loss of Toby and Brooke Cohen, esteemed attorneys and parents of three, in a Thanksgiving car crash on Thursday, November 24. The couple's car swerved off the road in Bristol, Connecticut, resulting in their tragic deaths and critical injuries to their children.

NY Attorneys Cohen Killed in Thanksgiving Car Crash

According to CBS News, Toby and Brooke Cohen, young parents of three, tragically lost their lives in a horrific car accident on Thursday, November 24. This married couple, esteemed in both professional and personal realms and with strong ties to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, faced a devastating twist during the Thanksgiving holiday. The Cohens' car veered off the road, crashed into the woods, and sadly claimed their lives, leaving their three children critically injured.

Toby and Brooke Cohen's passing left a void not only in their Westchester County community but also resonated across state lines. The crash in Bristol, Connecticut, took place in an instant, leaving Paul Nanos, a local resident, to witness the aftermath. The Cohen children, two young boys and a girl, now face the unimaginable challenge of growing up without their parents.

Bristol police are diligently investigating the crash, seeking answers as to why the Cohens' car veered off the road. Adding to the complexities of the situation, neither adult had identification in their possession.

The Cohens' impact stretched beyond their personal lives. Brooke Cohen's professional journey included years of service for Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, where she fought for justice with positivity and resilience. Gonzalez highlighted her dedication, relentless advocacy, and commitment to combating gender-based violence. Toby Cohen, employed by Red Apple Group, a conglomerate owned by John Catsimatidis, was remembered as a fiercely committed son, brother, husband, and father.

The tragedy resonated deeply during the funeral service in Livingston, New Jersey, where family and friends gathered to mourn the bright lights extinguished too soon. The love that Toby and Brooke radiated is now a guiding force for their children, who faced the loss of their mom and dad. The funeral service unveiled heartbreaking details, such as Brooke Cohen agreeing to be a bridesmaid at her brother's upcoming wedding during Thanksgiving dinner.

The Cohen family's untimely and tragic end has left shattered hearts and impacted countless lives, leaving a community to grapple with the sudden absence of two individuals who touched so many.