A Fatal crash in Teaneck, New Jersey, has deeply affected the community, seeking justice from the grieving family of the victim, Dymond Fryson. Isaiah Brown, Fryson’s partner, and his family are struggling with the aftermath of the devastating hit-and-run accident that claimed Fryson's life just steps away from their home. Despite their shock and sorrow, Brown remains committed to providing stability for his family while advocating for accountability for the 17-year-old driver responsible.

Fatal Hit-and-Run, Family Seeks Justice Against Teen Driver

The community of Teaneck, New Jersey, was plunged into grief following a fatal crash last month, prompting demands for justice from the heartbroken family of the victim. The incident, which resulted in the loss of a beloved woman's life, has left Isaiah Brown and his family reeling and seeking accountability for the tragic outcome.

According to Eyewitness News, the collision occurred just a few doors from Brown's home in Teaneck, where his partner, Dymond Fryson, was struck by a teenage driver in a devastating hit-and-run incident. Since that moment, Brown's two daughters and niece have been grappling with the aftermath, desperately seeking answers to the questions surrounding the tragedy.

Speaking about the ordeal, Isaiah Brown expressed the surreal nature of the situation, indicating that the family is still in shock. The crash left Fryson's car severely damaged, with her life hanging in the balance as she remained on life support, surrounded by loved ones who prayed for a miracle that never materialized.

Dymond Fryson, integral to the family's foundation, shared a life marked by educational accomplishments and a thriving relationship with Isaiah Brown. Both had attained master's degrees in public administration, and urged by Fryson's encouragement, they relocated from the South Bronx to Teaneck during the pandemic. Brown, as the principal of the Capital Bronx Charter School, valued his role with Fryson's steadfast support.

Underlining Fryson's significance, Brown stressed her role as a pillar for everyone. However, their lives were shattered when Fryson's vehicle was struck by a high school student, leaving Brown torn between his duties as an educator and profound personal loss. Despite the tragedy, Brown remains focused on providing stability for his family, especially in raising their three children. The family is unwavering in their pursuit of justice, advocating for the 17-year-old driver to face the full consequences of their actions.

Brown, having reviewed the police report on the accident, revealed alarming details about the speed at which the teenage driver was traveling and the disregard for traffic signs. With this evidence in hand, the family is pushing for the case to be transferred to adult court, hoping to see justice served for the loss of Fryson's life.

As the investigation continues, the community stands in solidarity with Brown and his family, mourning the loss of a cherished member and demanding accountability for the tragic events that unfolded on their doorstep. 

You can contribute to the Fryson-Brown Family's fundraiser on their GoFundMe page.